Uplink powers provide a low-level of magic to every citizen. These match with a person’s sanctuary of origin and are often easy to distinguish much like physical appearances. Depending on when in the history of the world the campaign takes place, these attributes and even magical abilities may have blended.

At the height of the Emergence Wars, a group of demigods came forward to establish a common place for the study of these Uplink abilities which they could only explain as magic. Those not interested in perpetual war began to exchange ideas about their Uplink powers and study their limitations. The return of the Kaer facilitated this.

The Kaer Kantarra is a lost sanctuary, unstable in space and time. It appears and disappears at unpredictable intervals and provides a very real and present link to the Spirit Archive. When approaching, you can’t look away, or take your eyes off it for a second, or it will be gone.

Here, schools were formed and each of the sanctuaries magics, studied. The rediscovery of the Kaer also led to a golden age for the tele-locators who claim the Kaer as their lost home. Their goal here is to gather the diaspora of tribes.

The schools as originally founded are:


A major part of the work at the Kaer is to foster the connection with the Spirit Archive and harness the amazing powers there to keep the world shearing forces at bay and let civilization grow.

Uplinks to the data sanctuaries on the Spirit Archive provide people with powers on a world altering scale. Weather control, fireballs, earthquakes, etc. can all be made to happen. You can even hijack or overwrite parts of other people’s consciousness or data.

The biggest problem is that this magic requires opening your mind to the Voices of the Damned. Any use of this can effectively fragment your own data/mind and leave you insane. (In FATE terms, you often have to take on consequences to use the magic – paranoia, sociopathy, you name it.)

However, as it has paved the way for permanent settlement on the surface and away from sanctuaries, the risk is often considered worthwhile. Wardens from each school, watch after this fledgling civilization and keep them safe from the devastating weather and geological events which can occur. In turn, the Black Hats, keep an eye on those powerful wardens, waiting to intervene when the Archive has claimed too much of their sanity.

Magic is controlled through Immanence


This is usually the realm of humans. Hated and despised, but to them – they’re simply practicing robotics…



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