Using Magic

*Note – I made this simple system on the fly. Probably very breakable. Probably very broken. Should hold us over for the short campaign run.)

Magic is for creating effects which are not in play. These can be attacks, blocks, barriers, or even advantages. Each use requires a roll against your Immanence skill. You can only access schools of magic which are referenced in your High Concept.

All attempts to use Immanence are at a base of Average. If you fail, you suffer mental stress equal to the number of shifts you failed by. If you are attempting a Fair Co-Location and roll Mediocre, you suffer a 2 point mental stress hit.


Scope determines how difficult any given magical effect will be to create. It has three components: Impetus, Expanse and Tempus. Each of these has three tiers or difficulty modifiers. Creating magical effects in the first Tier is the base level and does not add to the base difficulty of Average.

Impetus Range
Same Zone, LOS, Unlimited*

Expanse Area
Single target, Zone, Outer*

Tempus Duration
Scene, Session, Permanent*

Therefore creating an effect in the same zone, on a single target, with a duration of one scene requires an Immanence roll of Average.

For every Step above the first tier, a +2 difficulty is added. If this is an opposed roll, the target gains the bonus on their defense.

EXAMPLE: Using Geomancy to build a wall of earth in the same zone (plus 0) which runs the entire length of the zone (plus 2) and lasts for one session (plus 2) is of Great difficulty.

The difficulty of creating any unique magical effect is up to the Game Master. All difficulties follow the standard FATE scale

+8 Legendary
+7 Epic
+6 Fantastic
+5 Superb
+4 Great
+3 Good
+2 Fair
+1 Average
+0 Mediocre
-1 Poor
-2 Terrible


Co-location – Can be used to move yourself and other people or objects short or vast distances. Number and distance determines on the difficulty and depends on the willingness of participants. Co-location ignores Tempus. The movement is always permanent and instantaneous. You cannot co-locate into solid objects. You must be in the same zone as your target(s). Range refers to the distance to Co-locate. Co-location is difficult in large numbers. Each adjustment to target area is +2. Forcible co-location allows a Will defense.

Geomancy – Used to manipulate the Earth. Requires contact with the Earth or a rounded structure. Geomancy suffers from a weakness to Impetus. All adjustments to Impetus (Range) are +1 difficulty.

Hydrologics – Used to manipulate water and weather. Requires the presence of water. Hydrologics suffers from a weakness to Tempus as the weather is fickle and ever-changing. All adjustments to Tempus (Duration) are +1

Humoralism – Manipulate the biological matter of the Corporis. Normally requires physical contact or access to humors. Humoralism is often tricky to apply to multiple subjects as every individual’s system reacts in unique ways. All adjustments to Expanse (Area) are +1 difficulty.

Affinity – Used to manipulate the minds of the Corporis. Requires that you have met the intended target. Affinity always creates an opposed will roll from the target who is given the scope penalties as a bonus to their roll.

Necromancy – Requires specialized equipment and, depending on the task, a lab. The first task is to breach system security (overcome the Target’s Will.) This cannot be freely given as most targets are unaware of their system’s inner workings. Once compromised, many things are possible:

Creating advantages – These will often be opposed rolls, on a case by case basis depending on the desired outcomes.

Making mental attacks – These will always be an opposed roll versus the target’s Will. The initial breach does not cause damage.

Appending Stunts – The difficulty of appending a stunt to a given target is Great with each skill rank the target has for the skill in question decreasing difficulty to a minimum of Average. If these are intended to be permanent, they will over-write Stunts already on a character’s sheet. Any additional difficulty follows the scope parameters above.

Using Magic

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